Dr. Remi Drozd

Certified physician

Dr. Remi Drozd is a board certified physician with 15 years experience improving the wellbeing of his patients.

He has observed the benefits of psychedelics their impact on improved wellbeing in the clinical setting and is also trained as a Ketamine practitioner.

In his experience in a hospital setting, he wasn’t satisfied with they way western medicine approaches treating symptoms and sickness. He believes that understanding who the patient is, what they’re going through, and then treating them to improve health the best, most sustainable approach to improving your wellbeing.

In his continued research, he believes that Ketamine treatments can provide that missing piece many people are looking for to feel well again.

Outside of the office, Dr. Drozd loves to surf the waves in Ventura, ride his road bike up the Santa Barbara hills, and be with his family.

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