Ketamine Therapy in Santa Barbara, CA

We’re not just giving you medicine – we’re teaching you to love yourself.

At Lucid Therapeutics, we provide you with the best standard of care for your ketamine therapy and integration. Our goal is to help you experience the best possible results that enable you move from a place of feeling stuck into a place of agency and energy to live the life you desire.

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Who Is This For?

Ketamine therapy can support a many individuals. Depression is often linked to the inability to let go of the past, and anxiety is often tied with fear of the future. Wherever you are on the spectrum, if you desire to be happy again, our treatment allows you to walk through self-growth and reunite with self-love and appreciation for your life. This is the transformative power of Ketamine Therapy.

Our Process And Approach

Medical Assessment

Meet with Dr. Remi Drozd to discern if this treatment is a fit by reviewing your medical history, current symptoms, and your unique intentions for therapy.

Prep Session

Connect with your therapist to discuss your goals and intentions and design a practice to optimize your mind and body before your first treatment.

Ketamine Sessions

Show up and experience the impact of your two-hour treatment, where you are safely monitored and supported throughout the session by your care team.

Therapy Sessions

Held within 3 days after each ketamine session, this is an opportunity to step back and reflect on your experiences and emphasize meaning that is otherwise overlooked.

Packages / Pricing

All patients start with an integrated care approach that combines ketamine treatments with integration sessions to ensure you see the results you desire. Choose an Introduction package, 3-session package, or 6-session package based on your needs

Introduction Package

$1,430 (Financing Available)

3 Session Package

$3,082 (Financing Available)

6 Session Package

$5,530 (Financing Available)​

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Ketamine-Only Packages

Over time, some patients graduate to a ketamine treatment only program once they have established a certain level of progress. You and your therapist will decide when this is the right plan to help you achieve your goals.

Individual One-Off Treatments Are Also Available:

Are you traveling to Santa Barbara and wish to maximize your time? Concentrated week-long programs are available upon request.


Payment Options

We accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Learn more about 24-month financing options with CareCredit.