Ketamine Therapy Groups

Ketamine Therapy Group

Our Ketamine Therapy Group aims to harness the therapeutic potential of ketamine in a structured and supportive group setting. For the first time we will be able to couple the profound effects of psychedelic therapy amplified in a group container.

In Person Counseling

Program Overview

Duration: 6 months

Frequency: One 3-hour medicine session and one group therapy session per month

Format: Group sessions facilitated by experienced mental health professionals

Location: Lucid Therapeutics – 331 N Milpas

Key Features

Expert Facilitation

Our group sessions will be led by skilled and compassionate mental health professionals with expertise in ketamine-assisted therapy.

Safe and Supportive Environment

We prioritize creating a safe and nurturing space where participants can share their experiences, thoughts, and emotions without judgment.

Integration Support

Our program includes robust integration support to help individuals apply their ketamine experiences to their daily lives, fostering lasting positive change.

Community Connection

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Each participant will receive a group therapy and will have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with the medical team to create a personalized treatment plan. This plan is tailored to their unique needs, ensuring that the therapeutic process aligns with individual goals. Additional 1:1 coaching sessions are available as well.


Throughout the program, participants will gain valuable insights through psychoeducational sessions, enhancing their understanding of the therapeutic process and promoting self-awareness.


Costs will be less than half of individual treatments and coaching.

Extended Benefits

Education, support and prescriptions for micro-dosing between and after treatment sessions

Who Can Benefit

Our Ketamine Therapy Group is suitable for individuals experiencing:





Chronic Pain

Self acceptance

Greater actualization of self

Angst from living in a toxic culture

How To Join

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our Ketamine Therapy Group, please contact us at: or (805) 365-4095. Spaces are limited, and we encourage early registration to secure your spot on this transformative journey.

We believe in the power of community, support, and innovative therapeutic approaches to bring about positive change. Join us on this journey of healing and self-discovery as we embark on six months of growth, connection, and transformation.

Warm regards,

The Lucid Team

Are you traveling to Santa Barbara and wish to maximize your time? Concentrated week-long programs are available upon request.


Payment Options

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